Nrusinha offers IT enabled business solutions along with complete range of services.


Our IT Services offering is as follows
Business Consulting

Our consulting practice helps you evaluate and plan information technology infrastructure for business use. You gain tested methodologies and frameworks for assessing, designing and building a modern, more dynamic infrastructure that aligns with industry best practices.


System Integration

Depending on your organization’s unique needs, We integrate chosen solutions that collectively answer your IT challenges. We can build an entire IT Infrastructure, empower your existing network, virtualize or move into cloud.


Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Nrusinha offers a wide range of managed services to help organizations meet their IT infrastructure monitoring, management and compliance requirements through our Global NOC and SOC.


Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic Websites unlike static websites are extremely flexible as they allow people to update content, make modification in the design style or pattern without editing all the pages manually. These features may come in handy when you are running an online store or a large website with several thousand pages.




IT Service Approach
Reducing IT infrastructure costs is no longer enough. You must drive business value by focusing on innovation and performance optimization. At Nrusinha, our deep experience in IT infrastructure solutions, consulting and virtualization technologies helps your organization achieve new levels of business performance. And we can help you prepare for the Future of Work, with new ideas on helping you embrace a more collaborative, flexible and cost effective approach to business.
Solution Centric:
We values our customers and their business needs than anything else and consistently meet or exceed their expectations for right solution, cost effective services, quality and performance.
Business Values:
Nrusinha is managed by professionals, is customer focused, employee friendly, ethical and committed.
We have the capability to analyze, recommend, integrate and manage robust solutions that bring our clients competitive business advantage and quantifiable returns.

Process Approach:
We have the ability to accept and then manage complexities through a flexible approach along-with well-defined practices, methods and tools.

Deep Experience:
We provide deep technical knowledge and implementation skills deliver through highly responsive teams.

IT Services

IT Services


A range of IT services that simplifies your businesses and gives you that extra edge over your competitors.

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